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A Day Inside a Carbon Atom

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There once was a day,
Every thing seemed okay,
Until I shrank to a small size,
As I shrank no one could hear my cries.

I met a group of protons,
Then a group of electrons,
I asked them “What is this place?
They told me I was trapped inside a carbon atom in my pillowcase!
I asked “What is a carbon atom?”
They said “With you we will share our wisdom.”

This is Carbon, also known as “C”,
In the nucleus six protons charged positively,
And six electrons charged negatively,
Orbiting the nucleus,
All of life contains this.

About electrons there’s more to tell,
Two in the inner shell
And four on the outer shell,

With the atomic number of six,
This is in all pillow case fabrics.

FYI, I really don’t know much about Chemistry! I wrote this poem for extra credit.


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