Here are my poems and short stories

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Moon Goddess

Wife, of the hero who challenged nine suns
Disappearing into the sky,
After drinking a potion meant for her and husband,
And was reborn as a goddess of the moon.

Summer breeze rustles the night sky,
like the curtains on my bedroom window.
Stars tremble in the sky like dew on morning grass,
Moon glows softly like a jade disk.

On the silver surface of the moon,
the crystal palace of the goddess
rises in ghostly splendor.
Her pearl headdress quivers,
as she paces cold marble floors.

Goddess smiles as she peers down to Earth.
And sees summer’s restless sleepers,
turn in dream tossed beds.
She places her cool hand on my forehead,
and sets my dream adrift like a
sailboat on the moonlit waves.

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Music’s Point of View

I ride on each note,
Spring from the soft echoes of singers,
Float upon the silken singing of instruments.

I hover above the heartbeats of listeners
Helping them fly to a realm of dreams.

Then I slowly die away,
Waiting to be born once again.

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I Know You’re Here

Speak to me. Take my hand. Where are you now?
On the table I see …
the yellow flower.
It looks just like the ones that grew
in front of our orphanage.
Our only childhood home.

Life was never easy. Listen to me. I remember:
Those flowers came every spring
We always had each other and those flowers.
They watched us with their sunny color and charming ways.

Speak to me. Take my hand. Where are you now?
The Nazis took our home away, and separated us.
The lovely yellow flowers wilted.
No longer yellow and dancing in the wind;
Their heads drooped
Towards the ground crying for you,

Listen to me. I remember
Seeing boys and girls marching, two by two.
In a parade of fear and anguish.
They told us, we weren’t human.

Take my hand And then look at me Where are you now?
Escaping to the Holy Land- a new land, with new people
My life was not like that of Moses,
Who led the Jews out of Egypt long ago.
I was put to work once again
To build a new country.

In America, with children and grandchildren
My wife spends each day feeding pigeons.
Pacing back and forth in the street for seeds
Spinning in the street like dreidels. Life was never easy

Where are you? They told me you faded away
but I was never convinced…
I knew you were around somewhere
Lets go back to…
our childhood land.
Take my hand. Speak to me.