Here are my poems and short stories

Moon Goddess

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Wife, of the hero who challenged nine suns
Disappearing into the sky,
After drinking a potion meant for her and husband,
And was reborn as a goddess of the moon.

Summer breeze rustles the night sky,
like the curtains on my bedroom window.
Stars tremble in the sky like dew on morning grass,
Moon glows softly like a jade disk.

On the silver surface of the moon,
the crystal palace of the goddess
rises in ghostly splendor.
Her pearl headdress quivers,
as she paces cold marble floors.

Goddess smiles as she peers down to Earth.
And sees summer’s restless sleepers,
turn in dream tossed beds.
She places her cool hand on my forehead,
and sets my dream adrift like a
sailboat on the moonlit waves.


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