Here are my poems and short stories

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She came in to this world
As a tiny exquisite porcelain doll
Children said: “She is so sweet and quiet
They giggled and ran around with her
She was scared, but she continued to smile
The doll slipped and shattered into pieces.

But they ignored the pieces
The doll was afraid to leave this world
The only part that remained was her smile
She wondered, if she could stay as a doll
Kids no longer wanted to play with her
Suddenly everything became quiet.

The new realm was not quiet
The doll was no longer in pieces
She was made of glass, you could see through her
She was glad to be in a new world
She was really the same little doll
The poor doll still always wanted to smile.

Again children knew her smile
They said: ‘She is innocent and quiet,
We can do whatever we want she’s a doll’
The doll knew she would break in to pieces
And would have to find another world
The kids laughed, and later fought over her

Of course, the children dropped her
They walked away after they lost her smile
The doll had to change for the next world
She knew she could not always be quiet
She did not want to break into pieces
She refused to be a delicate doll.

Again she came back as a doll.
But something was different about her
This time she did not end up in pieces
She had a heart of steel and new smile
Children were surprised she was not quiet
She was given a new role in world.

All of those pieces are part of her smile
The doll stands tall, and everyone respects her
She is not quiet and is proud of her role in this world.